How Do you Know you're On the Right Track to Manifesting

No one knows the future, no one knows all the outcomes their actions will bring. Therefore, it's understandable if one gets lost and doesn't know if one will really get what one desires.

This post will help you identify what to look out for to have affirmation on what you desire. 

How to Identify the Manifestation Process:
  • Timing: Wake up in the morning, before sunrise, don't sleep till noon. If you need to then go to sleep early and wake up before sunrise. The reason early morning is the best is due to your mind not being introduced to anything before the day starts. If you wake up late, then you may hear your neighbors make noises, or you may hear a lawnmower machine making noises, which will distract you.
  • Setting: Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. This goes with the timing; early morning is quiet, which gives you an environment of calmness, where you can focus on yourself without any distractions.
  • Initiation: Think of what you want, think of your goals, your dreams, your desires. This is where the manifestation begins and it all starts with a thought.
  • Question It: Ask yourself, if what you are thinking makes you happy. As in, does the thought bring you inner joy? Can you remember that thought repeatedly? If the thought brings you joy, then hold on to that thought.
  • Duration: Try to think about that thought throughout the day, as many days as possible.
  • Repetition: Keep on thinking that thought over and over again, and try to bring that inner happiness back. 
  • Scripting: If you need help to bring that thought back, then write that down as descriptive as possible when you first had it.
The steps I have listed above bring about manifesting from my experience. The steps are also used by others, who are advocates of thoughts to manifestations, but they word it differently, but the concepts are the same.

Be Cautious:
  • Avoid thinking about the negative outcomes, because you are asking for what you fear. Fear is a feeling, and that feeling with your thoughts will manifest. 
  • Use anything and everything do avoid thinking or focusing on what you don't want. If a certain individual is telling you that you won't get what you want, or you aren't successful, then avoid that person. If you can't avoid that person, such as a malicious person at work, then repel those negative words with politeness. Attack them with politeness, and I know it's easier said than done.
An Example schedule for a Manifestation Process:
  1. Writing down what I want the night before and I write it down in the present tense as if I already attained it. I start with thanking for everything that I have and set my mood to appreciate all the good in my life currently.
  2. Going to sleep early. I go to bed at 9 AM, and I don't look at my phone screen. The bright light, with or without the night-mode being on, will prevent your pineal gland from releasing melatonin (a hormone that helps a person go to sleep). 
  3. Wake up at 5 AM, and avoid eating anything other than plain water. 
  4. Do a 20 min high-intensity workout. I leave the phone at home when I workout to prevent myself from being distracted.
  5. Take a cold shower. I usually start with warm water first and work my way to the cold water. I've been doing this for about a year now, and I never got used to it, but I still do it because it's good for the body. Cold water actually helps increase the body's metabolism.
  6. Have a good breakfast. If you're like me, I usually eat 2-3 whole eggs and 7-8 egg whites.
  7. After breakfast, I sit down quietly on the floor of my room. I keep my phone away. And I read what I wrote the night before and close my eyes and think of what I want or the goal that I want to accomplish. 
  8. By sunrise, I did all the steps and I am able to reach a feeling of conviction of my goals and desires and then I go about the rest of my day with satisfaction.
How to Start:
  • Before anything, look inside yourself and tell yourself out loud what you want.
  • Write down what you want. I am a big advocate of writing because it helps one keep track of one's thoughts.  
I hope this helps and bring you closer to whatever your heart desires.

Writing to Reprogram your Subconscious Mind

Writing to Manifest
Do you ever believe that what you write could be manifested? Do you ever believe if you put your thoughts and desires into words, that one day it would be reality? No I'm not talking about the movie Ink Heart, in which the main character reads out loud and the story comes to life. But what if writing was a way to reprogram your subconscious mind to produce thoughts that will help you manifest what you desire.

Subconscious Mind
You see, your subconscious mind is the main player in manifesting. It cannot distinguish what's real and what's not. When you think of a thought over and over again and it's reinforced then your body will make the decisions that will lead you to what you desire. Your subconscious mind is what you need to focus on in order to manifest what you crave.

Rewiring the Brain
These brain signals are called "synapses" and in doing so you are just emitting energy. There is a "motor neuron" connection when it comes to doing things with her muscles, such as writing. For example, when we write in order to study, it helps in memorizing because you are actively learning. Now when reading and when you're writing, you are actually rewiring your brain, this process is called "plasticity". When you rewire your brain, you think differently, and when the way you think can dictate if the brain will emit positive or negative energy.

Writing Process
When we write, we need to think in order to write. If you're not copying any content and you're writing from what you are thinking then you are actually producing brain signals from one part of the brain to another. When we write something that we are passionate about we get happy because we see our thoughts and ideas on the paper, we have a visual of what we are thinking. If we write something over and over again, we solidify that information in our mind. Now, if were to write our desires over and over again every day, then we are pushing those thoughts deeper and deeper in our minds. And when you write, have conviction in what you're writing, because you have to believe that it's going to be yours.

Put your Feelings Into It
When you reinforce your feelings into your thoughts, you are on your way to manifest it. Look back to anyone you know who is always pessimistic about their success; they have a hard time gaining success and they are miserable. And that misery is the manifestation of their negative thoughts and feelings. When you write about something, write positive things that makes you happy. Producing those feelings is the key to manifesting. When writing something and reinforcing that with your feelings, you are rewiring your subconscious mind to believe that it's true and in that process you have emitted the positive energy to begin the manifestation process.

Prepare For it
You may not have the habit to write every day but when you do write it, you want to have a paper and pen available. It's not that hard to have the materials ready, just grab a journal and a pen and prepare for it. If you don't have anything available then you won't have that motivation to write, and you are one step away from manifesting.

Can you Manifest Without Writing?
Of course you don't have to write to manifest. Writing is just one method, but writing is the most easiest and the fastest method in manifesting. As mentioned earlier in this post, there is a motor neuron connection when writing, which helps in the manifestation process.

Daydreaming to Manifesting

As human beings, we always have doubts. We have doubts about our success, doubts about our hard-work, doubts about our potential, we even have doubts about our dreams. But what if we put the doubts aside, and get what we want? Wouldn't that be something.

There are so many things that an average person daydreams about. They may dream about getting a new car, a new house, finding the love of their life, or even moving to a dream location.

Look back to the last thing you daydreamed. Did it make you feel good? What did you do after you stopped day dreaming? Did you think to yourself that it's only a dream and not reality? These questions may be the questions that could change the way you think in order to manifest whatever your heart desires.

Dream It
When I get bored, I usually daydream of owning my own business, like I did in the past before I went to medical school. I want to earn at least $10,000/month. This thought makes me feel happy and it just makes me want to smile. I don't care what the obstacles are, I want to feel that I earn $10,000/month passively from my business, so I can focus on other things. I want to travel the world and work from my laptop wherever I am, because I just want to have the financial freedom.

Forget the How
When you want something to be manifested, don't overthink, just feel. Don't worry about how it's going to be, just focus on what it's going to be. There are mysteries of life that not even the smartest person in the world doesn't know. We don't have to know how everything happens in order to make it happen. When you think about the "how" you will bring doubt and anxiety to yourself, which will hinder the manifestation process of what you want, and bring about what you don't want.

Feel It
The key to manifesting on what you want is to feel good about the thought. Why is it that the people who are passionate about their business, are the most successful ones? Because they "feel" the positive energy, fueled by their good feelings. Feeling good re-enforces the manifestation process from your thoughts.

Have Conviction
Whatever you do, don't doubt your thoughts that make you feel good. For example, if you daydream about having a nice Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sports Coupe, and after you stopped day dreaming about it, have that confirmation that you have that in your possession. Avoid thinking, "someday" or "what if" or "I could never afford", instead think, "it's mine", "I own one", "it's in my possession". If you truly have pure conviction that it's yours then it will be yours. When you have affirmation, positive energy is being produced, and subconsciously your mind will make the decisions that are necessary for you to own that Mercedes-Benz car.

The more you think about it, the faster it will happen. The more you think about it, the more you will be motivated to act on it. You will be motivated to do what is necessary to obtain what you desire. It's simple as that.

Act On It
Don't just stand there, do something! Nothing is going to happen if you sit around thinking, you gotta take your thoughts and put it into action. For example, let's say you want to create a robot arm that recognizes fruits and picks them without human assistance. Then research on how to build such a robot. You could take the expensive and long route, like go to a technical school. Or, you could take the short and cheaper route, which is to buy a Raspberry Pi or Arduino micro-controller and use internet tutorials to build one. The possibilities are endless, and it all comes from your thoughts.

Welcome to Manifestagram

Manifestagram is the brand I chose to represent my view on the idea of law of attraction. I watched so many videos of people talking about they understand the law of attraction and manifesting whatever they want in their lives but at the core of their message, they were not clear. Some of the experts like John Assaraf and Bob Proctor explains the law of attraction very beautifully and what they say makes senses. However, others claim to be experts of this concept but they just repeat the same things from the movie, "The Secret".

Am I an Expert?
By no means I'm an expert. However, from thinking back to what happened in my life, I understand why I am where I am. I understand how I got everything I wanted.

What to Expect from
On this site, I will take events from my past and explain why certain things happen in my life and how it all fits together with the law of attraction. I will explain how my thoughts were manifested into reality, and at that time I didn't even realize that I was manifesting. It took me over 7 years to understand how to manifestation works from a person's thoughts.